The Third Sunday of Advent (Year A)



What do we mean by joy?  When and how do you or I experience joy?  Our reflectors this week look at the joy that comes as a result of a transformative moment when there is movement from despair and desolation to fullfilment and abundance.  As Miriam Spies notes, in the Gospel reading the imprisoned John the Baptist send his disciples to Jesus to discern if there is any good news to be had from Jesus.  He wonders if he has wasted his life.  The news he receives must have evoked some joy in his heart.  In her reflection Miriam Spies looks at this movement from doubt to joy.  In his reflection, “Compassion for Creation“, Pepe Ewert at the KAIROS Canada site uses the UN Charter of Human Rights as a point of departure to wonder if there isn’t something in the Charter that can move us to a joyous transformative moment in our relationship with creation in light of the challenges of Global Warming.

Wishing you the joy of transformation through the journey of Advent,
Norm Hennig-Pereira

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